Low Impact Paintball

What is low impact paintball?

Low impact paintball is designed for less impact on the person, this means lower energy hitting the player. Low impact .50 cal paintball is more youth friendly or for players that might be timid of traditional .68 cal Paintball.

Paintball Size Comparison

50-68 comparison

A smaller paintball means reduced sting.

Only 1/3 the sting of normal paintball.
The math is pretty easy. One of our 50 caliber paintballs weighs 1/3 of what a normal paintball does. And if you have 1/3 the weight, you have 1/3 the energy and 1/3 the energy equals 1/3 the sting. We could do the math all day long, but to really know how it is, check out the young kids with smiles that are 3 times bigger!

The 50 caliber Marker is much lighter.

This makes it easier for younger kids to use.
Not only are the paintballs lighter, but the Marker/gun and the tank are much lighter as well. A paintball gun uses compressed air to shoot out the paintballs, and with the 50 cal paintballs, you don’t need as much air so you can use a smaller lighter tank!

And the Advantages are not just for kids.

Everyone would rather have fun without the pain and welts of standard paintball.
You’ve probably seen the pictures of people with nasty looking welts after playing .68 caliber paintball. Not a good look for the Bachelor or Bachelorette the day before their wedding pictures. It’s also not a great look for the Company team building group to return to the office with welts.

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